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At This Time This  is a Private Program 
We are No Longer accepting new members


We Keep It Real – A Top of the Line Internet Marketing Opportunity 

When you first start searching for an excellent way of making money online, you are being bombarded with lots and lots of ways – easy money schemes that claim to be very powerful, especially if you want to get rich easily. But not all these can offer you great results, thus it is essential for you to choose the most reliable and effective Internet marketing opportunity. 
Well, are you looking for the best Internet marketing opportunity? Look no further for We Keep It Real  can be the best option – a program that has a lot to offer!  You
 want that too, right? You don’t have to look for ways anymore for We Keep It Real and have got your back. Earn more and more money over and over again by investing only $25

For most people, especially Internet marketers, their main priority is to look for the best opportunity online that can offer them a chance of making money easily and quickly without the need for prior experiences and know how. Isn’t that right? You probably want that too.


What Makes Keep It Real Unique? 

When it comes to our system: 

  • The program requires a smaller entry commitment
  • It is ideal for beginners – those who would want to tap the Internet profitability
  • It helps keep downline members well informed and trained until they’re ready to take on the next higher level programs.

We Keep It Real is a Company Forced Matrix

  • Every affiliate actually pays to the next in line 
  • Even Those who Can't Promote can still earn here. 
  • That shouldn't be too difficult to do.  


The initial payment to your upline will only be $25 and you can pay through  Bitcoin, Google Pay, Bluebird Card and a few others. We Keep It Real has a Company forced matrix downline structure

Please Be aware that I have added fees that the processors charge to the original amount.  Please, Always Pay the fee.  Fees have been updated to reflect some processors increases. Some do not charge a fee to send.





These new levels will be

Company Forced


Start with $25 ONE TIME Plus Fees Which are added 

(Please READ:  in Purchase positions there is a drop down box, make sure you select the correct amount you want to pay, you may have to arrow down the page to find the amount.)

We have restructured the JUMPSTART Matrix
L1 $25 x 4 = $100
Enter L2 $100, 
Keep $0 
L2 $100 x 4 = $400
Enter L3 $250,
Reenter L1 $25, 
Keep $125
L3 $250 x 4= $1000 
Enter level 4 with $500
Keep $500
L4 $500x2=$1000.00 
Enter Original matrix lvls 9 or 10
Keep $900.00.
Total Keep $1525 


We are not allowing "EXTRA" positions at this time
-no jumping levels- 


Heres Our Plan for Our Original Matrix started

September 2017, was revamped in November and still moving.

(fees based on 3%+.35 and are USA ONLY

Please pay the fees applicable to your specific Country)


Start by Sending $10.65 to the next in line person

Receive 2x$10.00 =$20  Keep  $10

You now have your money back 


Send $10.66 This time  

Receive 2x$10.00=$20 Keep 0



Send $20.95 

Receive 2x$20=$40 Keep $20


Send $20.96 This time

Receive 2x$20=$40  Keep 0


Send $41.55

Receive 2x$40=$80  Keep $40


Send $41.56 This time

Receive 2x$40=$80 Keep 0


Send $82.75

Receive 2x$80=$160  Keep $80


Send $82.76 This time

Receive 2x$80=$160  Keep $60


Send $103.35

Receive 2x$100=$200  Keep $100


Send $103.36 This time

2x$100=$200 Keep  around $160 

MUST Use $42.64 to take 4 $10.66 re-entries in level 2.

This means that your potential income would be around $470 each time you cycle all 10 levels.  Thats not much you say? Well we agree!  So...we have come up with what we call WKIR Jumpstart Matrix 

you will probably want to start there first.  



What About These Push Specials I hear About??

...worried that people may start dropping out and stalling the program???  No worrys here...if a person drops out, admin takes over the account, we call it a PUSH Specialties account,and admin starts sending & receiving for that account. The system keeps moving along!! All money earned for those accounts are used to keep the system moving.  We think we are probably the best kept secret on the internet.



  • The program offers high quality products
  • 100% of your profits will be delivered straightly into your Payment Processor accounts.
  • The program is an automated system, so you don’t have to worry about the processes. It will process all the orders and will send 100% of your sales directly into your personal Payment Processor.
  • With this program, you have all the chance to generate a great income! 
  • It is a technologically advanced system, meaning you don’t really have to be equipped with technical know-how before you start earning money.


Isn’t it great? Why wait? Make the right move and start reaping profits online with

We Keep It Real! Join Us TODAY!!