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We Keep It Real, We Keep It Simple,

was started to help you earn earn a little holiday cash.

We bring you a simple 6 tier matrix 

One Time $25 Donation to start.



We have found that the problem with earning money

on line is People want and need this service but

they just do not know how or even want to tell other

people about the wonderful programs. So We keep it Real started a straight line program to take care of that and a

person could join without spreading the word and we depended

on other members to carry the load.


It worked to a point and stalled, So a team of our members Took a hard look at this and

came up with a Solution: Re-Entries Are The KEY To A Self-Sustaining Program (The Comp Plan Below Has A Total Of  18 Re-Entries - Each One Bringing a Member $6700 OVER &  OVER)



I am not sure any of us have ever seen a matrix like this.

All 6 Tiers take 4 people To cycle. 



This is a company forced Matrix, next in line. When you sign up

you go to the next in line position.


If You Have Ever Stood In Line -- You Will Be Good At This...  When You Join You Take A Position In -Line.... When People Ahead Of You Are "Paid" You Move Up - Until You Are At The Head Of The Line (At Which Time You Will Be Paid)...


Here's The Neat Thing:  New People Are Always Joining The Line Behind You, And The People Who Have Received Payment Are Re-Entering Behind You In Line, As Well.    All Of This  ACTIVITY Helps To Push You To The First In - Line - Where You Will Be Paid.. 





And the number of PIFs


Tier 1

4X$25 = $100 

Enter Tier 2 with $50 

Re-enter Tier 1 With $25 donation for self

Keep $25, you now are not out of pocket

You have earned your $25 back.



Tier 2

4X$50= $200 

Enter Tier 3 With $100,

Re-enter Tier 1 Twice for self

Keep $50



Tier 3


Enter tier 4 with $200

Re-enter Tier 1 Three Times for self

Keep $125


Tier 4


Enter tier 5 with $500,

Re-enter Tier 1 With 4 positions for self

Keep $200




Enter Tier 6 with $1500

Re-enter Tier 1 With 4 positions for self

Keep $400


Tier 6


Re-enter Tier 1 With 4 positions for self

Keep $5900 Total Keep:  $6700.00